Couples' 3-Day Intensive Workshop
Couples' 3-day intensive workshop

Couples’ Three-Day Intensive Workshop

Our Couples’ Intensive Workshop is for couples who have experienced sexual betrayal and are longing to expand genuine relational intimacy. This Intensive offers teaching from the perspective of Mark & Debbie Laaser’s book, The Seven Desires of Every Heart—How are men and women alike at the core of who they are, and what do they desire? We will explore these God-given desires and practice practical skills to access more connected communication. Our desire is to help couples become companions in life, building empathy and unconditional love for each other.

Couples who attend this workshop will experience that they are not alone in this journey. We create safety by allowing couples to work on and talk about only those issues that they feel comfortable sharing. The fellowship created by this group experience is powerful. In the context of this fellowship, couples will gain new insights about their relationship and new friendships as well. Most of all, they will learn new ways to have deeper and healthy intimacy. A great deal of time will be spent acquiring new skills and practicing new ways of relating. Our desire is that couples will leave with a new commitment and hope in their relationship and marriage.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Couples who attend our workshop are often at different seasons of their healing journey. We find the workshop is most helpful for those who have done some significant work to attain sobriety & who have also developed support through counseling and/or support groups. Some couples might  feel “stuck” in their process of healing, while others come because they are looking to build a new level of intimacy with each other. When there is a sense of stability in the marriage, the workshop can help you to move forward to greater emotional and spiritual intimacy.

If sexual addiction/compulsivity or sexual acting out (including viewing pornography) is a struggle for the husband, our strongest recommendation is that he first attend our 3- Day Intensive Men of Valor Workshop at Faithful & True. This insures that he will be well aware of his responsibility for being sober or pure. It is require that the husband have at least 60 days of sobriety prior to attending the couples’ workshop. We also require that there has been Full Disclosure of all acting out behaviors between the husband and wife.

It is also helpful if the wife has had some support, whether it be in counseling or as part of a support group. Ideally, she might be more prepared for learning about couple’s intimacy if she has first been to the Women’s Journey workshop at Faithful & True.

The Facilitators:

Dr. Greg and Beth Miller, Co-Directors of Faithful & True Workshops together with Susie and Russ Smidt and Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT, facilitate the Couples Workshop. Debbie, with her late husband, Dr. Mark Laaser, has written books on recovering as individuals, and as couples from infidelity and sexual addiction. The Laasers have used their own story and the work they have done with hundreds of couples as the basis for this workshop. They represent the hope that saving marriages is not only possible, it is a vision that can lead to the transformation of lives and relationships. The workshop is largely based on the principles of  the Laasers’ book, Seven Desires. The dramatic strength and effectiveness of our Couples’ Workshop is that it is led by couples who  have personally experienced the journey of healing from sexual betrayal.

At Faithful & True, we truly believe in couples helping couples. If you long to grow emotionally and spiritually closer as a couple, we invite you to attend our Couples’ 3-Day Intensive Workshop. For questsions or to register, please call our office at 952-746-3880.

Daily schedule for the workshop is as follows:

Times may vary slightly depending on the size of the groups.

  • Thursday: 8:45am to 9:00pm CENTRAL TIME ZONE
  • Friday: 9:00am to 9:00pm CENTRAL TIME ZONE
  • Saturday: 8:30am to 3:30pm CENTRAL TIME ZONE

NOTE: To maximize your workshop experience, we strongly suggest that your return flight home from the Minneapolis/St.  Paul airport be schedule to depart at least 2 hours after the 3:30pm conclusion of the Couples’ Workshop.

The Couples’ 3-Day Intensive Workshop Registration fee is $1,895.00

Call 952-746-3880 to register for our upcoming workshops:
*Online registration for the Couples’ Workshops is not an available option*

Due to on-going Covid-19 restrictions, the JULY 22-24, 2021 Couples’ Workshop at Faithful & True has been cancelled. 

We will continue to update the Couples Workshop information here on our website as things develop.

Thank you.

Here are the tentative Couples’ 3-Day Intensive Workshop date for 2021:

NOVEMBER 11-13, 2021

For Hotel and Travel information, please click below.

What Are the Logistics for This Workshop?

The cost for the Couples’ Workshops is $1,895.00.

Registration fee does not include food or lodging and the dress code is casual.

*There is no cancellation policy and refunds for pre-paid workshop registrations are not available.

Our workshops take place at our Faithful & True counseling center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota (a southwest suburb of Minneapolis). Click here for travel and hotel information.

To continue your healing journey following your attendance at the Couples Workshop, order “Seven Desires” by Mark & Debbie Laaser.
Visit our Faithful & True Bookstore to order today!

Seven Desires by Mark & Debbie Laaser