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has experienced great success in helping men who are seeking a meaningful transformation in their lives. Our MEN OF VALOR 3-Day Intensive Workshop is one of the most effective and affordable treatment program in the country for those dealing with sexual addiction and compulsive behavior issues. The focus of the workshop is not only strategies to stop acting out behaviors, but also, to understand the individual wounds and thought patterns that drive them. Our goal is to help men grow both emotionally and spiritually as they begin their healing journey.

Our workshop participants claim that their workshop experiences with us are “life changing”.

If you are serious about making a change in your life and are seeking a treatment program provided by the top Christian experts in the sexual addiction field, click on the workshop links below or call us: 952.746.3880.

Call our office at 952.746.3880 for more information or to register for any of our intensive workshops.

MEN OF VALOR 3-Day Intensive Workshops

MOV WorkshopsOur MEN OF VALOR 3-Day Intensive Workshops were created for men who are struggling to control their unwanted sexual behavior. Men may or may not see themselves as sexual “addicts” (a term that is often misunderstood). Our workshop attendees are often dealing with a variety of sexual behaviors – ranging from fantasy, pornography use to masturbation to prostitution, affairs and various fetish behaviors. We will work with men who are struggling with homosexual attraction, but our focus is on the addictive sexual behaviors and not with issues of orientation. The symptoms or manifestations of sexual struggle may vary, but the underlying spiritual and emotional issues and recovery processes are universal. Click the link above for more information and registration to our Men of Valor 3-Day Intensive Workshops. The cost of THE MEN OF VALOR 3-Day Intensive Workshop registration fee is $1,295.00.

There is a no cancellation policy and refunds for pre-paid workshop registrations are not available.

Women’s Journey 3-Day Workshops

Faithful & True offers a Women’s Journey 3-Day Workshop who are in a relationship with a sexual addict. This intensive workshop includes small group opportunities to work on grieving, understanding addiction, exploring family of origin issues, coping, vision and personal growth. Our counseling center specializes in working with couples struggling with sexual purity. We believe that we have created a safe, Christian environment for women to share and learn from those who have personally lived through the pain of addiction and thrived in their marriages. Click on the link above for more information and to register for the 3-Day Women’s Journey Workshop. The cost of the Women’s Journey Workshop is $1,295.00. There is a no cancellation policy and refunds for pre-paid workshop registrations are not available.

Couples’ 3-Day Intensive Workshops

Couples 3-day intensive workshopFaithful & True’s
3-Day Intensive Workshop for Couples is led by Mark Laaser, D.Min. Ph.D., and his wife, Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT, who have been in the field of sexual addiction for over 27 years. They have both written books on recovery from sexual addiction and infidelity both as individuals, and as a couple. The Laasers use their own story and the work they have done with hundreds of couples, as the basis of this workshop. Depending on the number of workshop participants, Greg Miller, M.Div., D.Min. and his wife, Beth Miller, MA, or Susie Smidt, M.A., LAMFT and Dr. Russ Smidt, MD/Lay Counselor will co-facilitate the Couples’ Workshop with the Laasers. The Laasers, Millers and Smidts represent the hope that your marriage can not only survive, but, thrive. This workshop is largely based on the work the Laasers have done for their book, The Seven Desires of Every Heart. Click the link above for more information and to register for our Couples’ 3-Day Intensive Workshop. The cost of the Couples workshops is $1,895.00. There is a no cancellation policy and refunds for pre-paid workshop registrations are not available. 



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October 4-6, 2018 

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