Women's Journey 3-Day Workshop
Women's Journey 3-Day Workshops

Women’s Three-Day Journey Workshops

If you are a wife of a sexual addict or in relationship with someone who has broken your trust by using pornography or sexually acting out, it is important  to think about some of the needs you may have.

You will need individual support (counselor, pastor, and/or women’s group) for your healing, just as your husband needs it for his healing. Couple’s counseling is not sufficient for you to find safety and progress for your own issues.

You need to be heard about the pain and loss in your life created from your husband’s sexual sin. While your husband may feel great relief from having disclosed secrets kept for years, you are only beginning to take in the reality of how his secrets and behaviors have affected your life.

Information about addiction will help you understand the depths of this problem. It does not take away feelings you have, but it can help you create a new perception of the problem and understand the kind of help that is necessary for change.

You need full disclosure of the secrets/behaviors that he has been engaged in. To begin to restore trust, you need your husband to be totally honest about his past. We suggest that professional help may be necessary to facilitate this process. A Full Disclosure guide is available to purchase and download in our online bookstore.

You need to hear as quickly as possible from a professional that you did not cause your husband’s addiction, that you can’t control it, nor can you cure it. He will need a program of recovery to work on the deeper issues that drive his decisions. Your efforts to be more sexual, more attentive, more watchful, more ‘anything’ is not the solution.

You will find healing and growth if you participate in examining your own life. Creating greater emotional and spiritual intimacy with your husband takes both people to change patterns of your lives.

You may need someone to ‘hold your hope’ while you begin this journey. It can look hopeless and despairing in the beginning. To have someone who has been there and made it through to greater intimacy is to have a ’hope bearer’ while times are difficult.

Debbie Laaser, Co-FounderDebbie Laaser, M.A., LMFT, and Beth Miller, M.A., will co-facilitate this workshop. Debbie has been involved in recovery with her husband for over 29 years, has been co-leading support groups for women since 2000, and has led numerous workshops for couples seeking to transform their marriages after sexual addiction. She is also a lay-counselor to many women, either via phone sessions or one-on-one counseling. Debbie counsels couples together with Mark at their Faithful & True center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Additionally, Debbie Laaser authored the book, Shattered Vows, which was published and released in 2008, depicting her personal story of transformation, as well as, the stories of many other women she has counseled on the journey.

Beth Miller Counselor/LeaderBeth Miller, M.A. is an experienced counselor of women who have been sexually or relationally betrayed. Beth has been on a journey of recovery with her husband, Greg, for the last 13 years and is committed to doing her own work towards health and healing while walking alongside others seeking the same. Beth co-facilitates our Women’s Journey Workshops with Debbie Laaser and also helps to lead our Couples’ Intensive Workshops with her husband, Greg, and the Laasers. For the past 10 years she has led support groups and worked one-on-one with women pursuing recovery.

Beth is also a trained spiritual director and finds healthy spirituality to be a rich and healing component of the recovery journey. Beth has been gifted with talents to nurture and minister and is truly a blessing to those seeking hope in the midst of pain and chaos.

Mark Laaser, M. Div., Ph.D., will visit our Women’s Journey Workshop to share educational information about sexual addiction.

He will also answer questions wives may have about their husband’s’ sexual addiction or compulsive behavior.

Daily Workshop Schedule:
Times may vary slightly depending on the size of the groups.

  • Thursday: 8:45am: Check In   Workshop: 9:00am-9:00pm
  • Friday: 9:00am-8:30pm
  • Saturday: 8:30am-4pm

Note: To maximize your workshop experience, we strongly suggest that your return flight home be scheduled to depart the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport at least 2 hours after the 4:00pm conclusion of the Women’s Journey Workshop.


*PLEASE REGISTER ONLY ONCE… If you are unsure that your registration was correctly sent, please call us at 952-746-3880 and we will confirm that your registration has been received. Thank you!

2019 Women’s Journey Workshop Dates:

January 31-February 2, 2019

June 27-29, 2019

October 31-November 2, 2019

For Hotel and Travel information, please click below.

What are the logistics for attending the workshop?

The cost for the Women’s 3-Day Intensive Workshop is $1,295.00.

Food and lodging are not included in your registration fee and the dress code of the workshop is casual.

We have a no cancellation policy and refunds for pre-paid registrations are not available.

We strongly recommend that (although it is out of our control) interested women should register themselves for the Women’s Journey Workshop rather than having their husband register on their behalf.

You can find travel and hotel information by Click Here. We are suggesting the Spring Hill Suites with hopes that the majority of women might choose to stay together. The Spring Hill Suites offer a morning shuttle to Faithful & True on Thursday and Friday morning, but not Saturday. You can easily arrange for a ride with other workshop attendees who choose to use a rental car. If you are coming to the Minneapolis area by air, you would fly into the Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) airport. The Faithful & True counseling center is located approximately 20 minutes west of the airport.

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