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The Men of Valor 3-day intensive workshop gave me more clarity and understanding about the shame that is behind the cycle of addiction.
I attended one of the first Men's Intensive workshops back in 1994.
By attending the Faithful & True men's and women's intensive workshops, my husband and I gained access to valuable, Biblically-oriented recovery tools and a common language to help re-establish sanity, trust and intimacy in our marriage after it was shattered by the revelation of his sex addiction.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS.Your podcast provides me with great challenge and encouragement.
I attended your MEN OF VALOR Workshop and it really jump-started my recovery! My wife and I thank God for you and your ministry which means so much to us and continues to bless us.
Because of your ministry and God's faithful work and grace in our lives, we have found healing, our marriage has been restored and our 4th child exists.You have had an incredible impact on our lives. Thank you!
Your Faithful & True center has done remarkable work for my patients….you are always first on my list for referral… Keep up the great work and blessings to you all!
A ministry to save men and their marriages. Thank you.
Words can hardly begin to express the gratitude I feel for all you have done for me. Thank you for challenging me when I needed to be challenged, for comforting me when I needed comfort, and for being open, patient, loving and understanding.
As a result of attending your workshop, the true healing that I have prayed for, began. I am on a path that is very new and very good. I thank God and your workshop for it all!
Mark Laaser’s personal healing and obedience in sharing the journey, provided God a stronghold of truth in a world that rejects the concept of sexual integrity. God’s love for you and His outpouring into you have affected thousands through your workshops, speaking engagements, books, and products.
I just want to thank you and your team for what you do. I don’t even know how to express my thanks and gratitude for the miracle that has happened to my husband! I just wake up now with so much praise and gratitude. Thank you!
I attended the Men of Valor Workshop this past weekend and just wanted to say Thank You again for the "life changing" experience! I admitted my addiction and surrendered to God 8 weeks ago and my life has drastically changed in this short time. I have learned more about my addiction in 8 weeks than my 38 years on this earth. I truly believe the grace of God and my Church steered me to your program.
I am so grateful that you have chosen the path of self-discovery, wisdom and forgiveness ~ for you have shown me the way and given me hope. You'll always be in my heart.
Your story... your journey together, brings life to the words: "With God, ALL THINGS are possible."
Thank you for the great Couples Workshop! The Scope of what God has put on people's hearts in this field to learn about & then to have you help us learn, is nothing less than Heaven Sent. You brought us both closer to God and in turn closer to one another. Thank you.
This year, my wife and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage… a statement that would be impossible without Faithful & True. I thank God for Mark and Debbie Laaser… the work you all do has blessed my life!
I thank God for Mark & Debbie Laaser over and over and over! Through you, God has been making a way for me when I thought there was none. Wow!
Your ministry to all of us has been a life-saver in a sea of shame, guilt and frustration. You have lifted us up so we can feel accepted once more and precious in God’s sight.
Because of your teachings, I have gone from a sex addict of over 30 years to working towards helping men full-time to become free from sexual addiction, as well as, maintaining my own sobriety and restoring my marriage. I never would have been able to do that without the wonderful and insightful information and teachings you have done.
We are so grateful for Mark & Debbie Laaser every day - lovin' livin' in authentic love! Hard conversations are now part of our routine - pretty awesome to be this free.
I recently attended the Men's Intensive Workshop and absolutely agree with the large list of men who claim that it was LIFE CHANGING! The man I was before the workshop,and the man I am today are completely different. I don't know how to say thanks enough for the changes that you helped make in me. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I feel equipped for my healing journey!
I am so grateful for your desire to help others. You were a direct answer to my prayers. After years of struggle, I knew this was something I could not overcome on my own. After much prayer, I was able to find Faithful & True. Thank you for the critical role you played in saving me and my family.
Thank you for investing in my life and the lives of the thousands of men you have impacted.
Faithful & True's Intensive Workshop was a life-changing experience and gave me the tools and empowerment to improve myself and my marriage.
Thank you for bringing peace into my life. You are a role model for me and the possibilities for the future of my marriage.
Truly, words cannot express what Mark & Debbie Laaser mean to me and my wife. We are forever grateful for the miraculous work you have done in our marriage!
It is no exaggeration to say that my husband and I are celebrating our 26th anniversary because of the guidance and hope that Mark & Debbie gave us at a critical juncture. The work they do is so significant...I don't know if they have been told that enough.
You have been more than just encouragement to all of us… you have been a blessing and inspiration to all of the lives you have touched.
Thank you for all you have contributed to our healing and restoration. God picked beautiful instruments of healing when he directed us to Faithful & True.
In the most difficult year of my life and the most tenuous year of our marriage, Faithful and True has been a blessing.
My wife,son and I would like to thank you all for your relentless desire to shine your light into the lives of so many, many people. Thank you for giving our family (through God, by your talents and abilities) another chance to not only be reconciled to God, but also to ourselves.
Your ministry, sobriety and dedication have helped change my life. I have recommended your books, products, ideas and clinical approach to everyone I know who is struggling with sexual addiction. You cannot imagine how much of a difference you have made in my life.
Thanks to you, my wife and two daughters are secure in a home with a husband and father who is making good choices. I am better equipped to handle the challenges I face by reading God’s Word, having an accountability partner, and following all of the things that I have learned through your teachings.
There are few places where those of us so filled with shame and brokenness can come and find acceptance, understanding and a path to recovery. You are angels of healing and comfort and skill.
Life Changing in every way. Love Mark, Debbie, Beth and Greg!
Thank you for your commitment to helping men overcome such destructive sin, which has the capacity to take everything. The 3-day Workshop is not unlike the 3 days that Jonah spent inside the great fish and the time of Christ’s crucifixion, death and resurrection. It is a great marker for true and complete recovery and I believe absolutely vital to that process.
God has richly blessed me with your wise counsel and I thank Him and you from the bottom of my heart.
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