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Dr. Mark Laaser, M.Div, Ph.D., was the leading Christian authority in the field of sexual addiction, (before passing in 2019) and his wife, Debbie Laaser, M.A., LMFT, were/are frequent guests on national Christian radio shows and educational video presentations.

Mark and Debbie, with over 32 years of experience, have written over a dozen books on the subject of sexual addiction and relational betrayal. Their book, The Seven Desires of Every Heart, is now available in paper – back titled Seven Desires.

Below are links where you can listen/watch these thought-provoking and informative interviews. Click on the microphone icons to link to each audio interview and click on the camera icons to watch the videos.

MOV with Mark and Debbie

Taking Every Thought Captive
7 Principles of Highly Accountable Men
Freedom Begins Here

Dr. Mark Laaser explores the effects of family and trauma as it pertains to sexual addiction.

Freedom Begins Here

Dr. Mark Laaser shares the story of his personal battle with sexual addiction on Freedom Begins Here.

Two of Us. org

    What Can We Do To Rekindle The Passion In Our Relationship?
Mark & Debbie Laaser, authors of Seven Desires of Every Heart, offer help to couples seeking to rekindle the passion in their relationship.

Two of Us. org

    Can Watching Porn Hurt My Relationship?
  Mark & Debbie Laaser discuss the damage that pornography can cause a relationship.

Smart Marriages

  Dr. Mark Laaser discusses fantasies at the 2010 Smart Marriages Conference.