Our Principles

F&T WorkshopsLeading out of experience – We believe that experience is one of the best and most effective teachers. The men and women who lead our intensive workshops and on-going support groups have personally experienced the journey of recovery from sexual addiction and relational betrayal, both as individuals and as couples. Those who lead our workshops will share their own story with you. We seek to combine our experience with our academic studies to lead, teach, coach, and counsel effectively. Dr. Mark Laaser is a pioneer in the field of sexual addiction and has over 25 years of sobriety and experience. Leading out of this experience distinguishes us from other resources that are available nationally.

Encouraging comprehensive transformation – We recognize that when someone is involved in destructive behaviors he/she must be given the skills and tools to stop immediately. We also recognize that behavioral change will be temporary if it is not supported by an inward change. As we work with men and women, we support them to do the work which results in both an inward and outward transformation.

Holisitic approach – We believe that addiction comes from a brokenness of the whole person, so therefore healing will come as we engage and understand all of who we are. We seek to understand the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical (medical) components of addiction and address the various needs.

Three Legged StoolThree Legged Stool
– At Faithful & True, we offer resources to men who struggle with sexual addiction, their wives, and also to couples.   We believe that each of these three “legs” are important for recovery. We host intensive workshops for men who struggle with sex addiction, their spouse, and together as couples. While we realize that many times a person will reach out for help before his/her spouse is ready, we want to partner with any individual who is seeking help. We know that when both spouses are involved, the chance for healing and recovery for both is greatly increased. We want to show you that your marriage can not only survive, but also thrive.

Continued support – We know that recovery is more like a marathon than a sprint. Through our workshops we want to help men, women and couples get the tools and understanding they need to begin the journey well. We also provide on-going encouragement and direction through our support groups and individual counseling.

Local resources with international reachFaithful and True is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and is a resource for men and women who live in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area; however we have an international reach through our three day workshops, individual counseling and groups sessions. It is our hope that men and women can benefit from the resources of Faithful and True, wherever they may live.

Multiple years of experience – With over 25 years of know-how in recovery and resources, Faithful & True, which is recognized around the world as Christian leaders in the field, continues to learn from experience. With a desire to grow and expand our understanding of this field, we want to be rooted in the past, while being open to the possibilities of the future.